My Story

Hi, I'm Kelli. I have been an Independent Scentsy Consultant since August 2015 and am loving it! I was first introduced to Scentsy by my two sisters from North Carolina, I loved what I learned from them and decided to sign up under one of them. Our team calls us the triple threat. I love all of the products that Scentsy offers for your home and skin. I really enjoy selling Scentsy, introducing it to people who have never heard of it, and the extra money I am earning while doing something I love isn't bad either. I just returned from the Scentsy Family Reunion in Nashville that I earned from selling Scentsy and I am now working towards a trip to Punta Cana for next Summer! I love to do home, Facebook, and basket parties, so if you are ready to see and smell what Scentsy has to offer while having a great time, just contact me. You can call, text, or message me on my website. Thanks, Kelli Popp (304) 545-7843 <!--endbody-->